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Exhibition Background

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Focusing on innovation-driven transformation and development is the keynote of the current social restructuring in China. The target of the construction of ecological civilization and beautiful China has been further defined on the 18th National Congress of the CPC. This goal will bring numerous business opportunities to landscape architecture and gardening industry.

According to the market research report “Home and Garden Retailing in Asia-Pacific, 2013-2018” released by the renowned British retail consultancy company –Conlumino, until 2018, the sales amount of the China horticultural products will reach $327 billion, China will become the Asia’s largest and fastest-rising horticultural products producer and consumer country. So China’s gardening market will be of great importance that it cannot be neglected in Asia Pacific and even in the global market, like Europe, Americans and the Middle East.

Shanghai, one of China’s largest city, in terms of landscape construction and maintenance has always been in the forefront of China. Shanghai shows the unique demonstration effects and radiation to the other cities in the popularization and application of landscape products very well. The huge government investment and market demand will bring new development climax of urban greening construction in Shanghai.


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