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Finding the latest landscape machinery technologies at “Four Innovation” Application Seminar, GLC2018

GLC2018 “Four innovation” (New Features, New Characteristics, New Specialties and New Traits) Application Seminar was successful hold in Shanghai Botanical Garden on 21th of December 2017.

Nearly 100 representatives of Garden management bureau, landscaping enterprises, park management bureau and exhibitors of GLC 2018 gathered together to share the "Four Innovation" ideas of application of garden/municipal machinery. Zhang Rui, secretary-general of SLAGTA and Xu Xiaobo, deputy director of Shanghai Green Management Guidance Station, both delivered wonderful speeches.

They pointed that the “Four Innovation” application seminar has become one of the famous traditional business activities in the greenery & landscaping industry since 2015. This program is aimed to arise the inspiration for machinery design and share the latest achievements of technologies innovation. Meanwhile, the “Four Innovation” program provides a successful platform for both the machinery suppliers and the municipal purchasing officials.

In the seminar, some exhibitors of GLC2018, such as Husqvarna, STIHL, Vermeer and Worth Garden brought their latest products to show how smart their machine now can be. The "Intelligent mowing robot", lithium cutting machine, American garden trimmer, “one minute digging tree” machine and other new technical products are amazing to each attendees. The audience deeply felt that the mechanization of landscaping work will bring new developing opportunities.

Finally, Chen Zhenguang, project director of Shanghai Botanical Garden Greening Engineering Co., Ltd., introduced the "Prospect of Garden Equipment Using in Shanghai Botanical Garden". It is understood that each year the company crushed about 6,000 tons of green waste, saving a large number of green waste disposal costs. What’s more, they also made the comprehensive utilization of green waste as organic media for soil fertilizer improvement, to achieve the goal of ecological recycling.

After the conference, the green machinery enterprises demonstrated how to use the latest equipment and the characteristics and advantages of these innovation products to audience on the square. Participants observed that mechanization of landscaping work is the trend of the times, and they believe in the future there will be more advanced products used in daily work.

For more details, please consult the website of www.glcexpo.com.


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