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Hosting Organization

Shanghai Landscape Architecture and Gardening Trade Association (SLAGTA)

Asian Cultural Landscape Association (ACLA)
International Federation of Landscape Architects Cultural Landscape Committee (IFLA CLC)

Oversea Support Partner
Iranian Society of Landscape Professionals

Scientific Program

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Track 1:Landscape and Urban Horticulture
Landscape Ecology and Urban Sustainability
Landscape and Urban Horticulture planning
Ecosystem services in landscape and urban horticulture
Traditional landscapes and historical gardens
Greening for a sustainable urban renewal
Design and management of green areas
Role of plants in the urban environment

Track 2:Turfgrass Management and Science
Turfgrass establishment and maintenance
Turfgrass genetics, breeding & selection
Turfgrass growth and stress physiology
Turfgrass seedbed preparation
Turfgrass business and economics
Turfgrass plant protection (weeds, insects, diseases)
Sports field design and construction
Soil chemistry/physics & root zone construction
Soil nutrition, physics, chemistry and biology
Precision management -new technologies and measurements
Sports fields : business management, facilities management and maintenance
Producing quality sod
Environmental impacts and ecological issues

Track 3 Mechanization, Precision Horticulture, and Robotics
Automation, Robotics, and Auto-Guidance for horticultural Production
New Soil and Plant Sensors
Biosensors in Horticulture
New Technologies for Quality Detection
New Technologies for Stress, Pests, and Disease Detection
Remote Sensing
Wireless Communication
Precision Irrigation
Environmental Issues

Track 4 Innovation and New Technologies in Protected Cultivation

4.1 Emerging Technologies:
Internet of Things
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Tracking, Traceability, and Food Security

4.2 Greenhouse management and production systems
Structures and design
Covering and screen materials
Climate control (heating, cooling, dehumidification) technologies and strategies
Low-tech protection technology (high tunnels)

4.3 Efficient use of resources
Water and energy use efficiency
Alternative energy use
Reduction of electricity consumption
Water recycling and reuse
Waste management
Environmental impact
Integrated and organic systems

4.4 Innovative Plant Protection in Horticulture
Integrated Pest Management and Disease Management
Biological Control and Management of Pests and Diseases( Pre-harvest and Post-harvest)
Development and Commercialization of Biological Control Agents (BCAs)
Innovative Chemical Control of Pests and Diseases - agrichemicals, new chemistry
Pesticide residues and resistance management
Commercial Application of Innovative Pest and Disease Control Strategies
Epidemiology and Detection Technologies for Pre-harvest and Post-harvest pathogens - modelling, forecasting

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